Friday, November 13, 2015

#4UFriday: A is for authentic

Last week on my 'dailydress' blog, I announced my intention to post a free printable on Fridays as a 'just-for-instance' present for all those of you who have been following me and supporting me on my artistic journey.

This idea of the 'just for instance' present comes from the wonderful children's book series, by Carolyn Haywood, B is for Betsy.  Here is what I posted last week ...
One of my favorite parts of being a mom ( and there are SO many) was reading to my daughters, especially at night when we were all cuddling and cozy and winding down from a full day.
One of our favorite series was by Carolyn Haywood's Betsy series, which starts with "B" is for Betsy'. A truly charming collections of stories that kept me and the girls laughing and in a lovely state of mind.
It was through these stories that I was introduced to the phrase/concept of a "just-for-instance present"; present given with no rhyme or reason, just because. I LOVE this!! I had given gifts for no given occasion but I LOVE the phrase ... "just-for-instance present".
So with that in mind I am hoping to make Friday's even a little more fun by giving all my followers a "just-for-instance present" ... printable for your enjoyment! 
So with no further adieu, here is this week's freebie printable.  This is the first page in my "ABC of Being" (working title) coloring book.  Each Friday I plan to share another coloring page with a letter and a mindful quality.

Happy coloring!!

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  1. To print the coloring page, double click on the image and then when it is featured on the screen left click and either download image or save image. If you have a problem either email me or leave a comment and we will figure out how to get it to you!! peace


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