Friday, November 6, 2015

#fromthelandofdragons: seeds

'burdened ...' 2015 ©virginiafitzgerald
I love Fall!! 
I always have!
It makes me feel alive!!
the colors, the sounds, the smells, the coolness on my skin,
the sightings of Jack Frost, the need for a favorite sweater.
2015 ©virginiafitzgerald
And as I have been documenting my 'land of dragons'

'burdened ...' 2015 ©virginiafitzgerald
I have come to love Fall even more (if that is possible) 
I have had the opportunity to witness the cycle of life, 
'sweet potential...' 2015 ©virginiafitzgerald
and I am thoroughly in awe of the creation of seeds!!
my harvest of seeds from my nasturtium plant!!
I gathered these yesterday nov5th ... note the barefeet!!

'chinese lanterns ...' 2015 ©virginiafitzgerald
The magic of mother nature is that the flower is created for reproduction.
The petals attract the pollinators who come ladened 
with pollen to start the whole process ... so


bees are our friends!!!
we need bees!!!
'two in a bush ...' 2015 ©virginiafitzgerald

peace, va

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