Wednesday, November 18, 2015

'flirt ...' flies again and other arty adventures

'flirt ...' (2014) installed in the shop window at Renew Arts & Industry, Natick, MA
I am so happy and please to announce that my dress sculpture, 'flirt ...' is back out in the world!!! For the next few weeks, 'flirt ... ' will now be calling the window at Renew Arts & Industry home!!!

view from the ladder, when I was installing her....
from inside the shop
in all her glory ...
'flirt ...' and la luna

'adrift ...'  (2015)

 also thanks to the lovely and talented David Lee Black, you can now find some of my photographs sprinkled around the Wrentham and Providence area!! 

 'adrift ...' is drifting at the Looking Glass Cafe in Wrentham, while 'guppy ...' and 'pandora's box ...' are relaxing at The Spa at the Providence Biltmore

'pandora's box ...' (2015)
'guppy ...' (2015)

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