Sunday, September 12, 2010

illustration friday ~ proverb

Lately I have been bummed because I haven't had the time to do Illustration Friday & I truly missed the challenge and the community. And I was even going to skip this week, even though the topic made my head swim with ideas ~ the topic being 'proverb'. I mean, OMG, the amount of images that were popping into my head almost hurt. But I have so many other things to do ~ girls in school with all their needed supplies, prepping my creatures to go to Brooklyn, redesigning my web site!!!! and applying for grants ~ just to name a few. So I told myself this was a time to make priorities and reign myself in (as I have been advised to do by some people) and I was not going to post anything for IF. But then, while on my many dog walks, I noticed so many busy bees frantically gathering up the last bits of pollen before the first frost ... "pop" ~ 'busy as a bee'. Then I remembered a greeting card illustration I did with bees!!! And how appropriate is this proverb for me right now ~ busy as a bee!!!! That's me ~ buzzzz, buzzz, buzzz!!

happy weekend & peace!!!


  1. I forgot the link to Illustration friday so you can see all the wonderful illustrations of other proverbs!!!

  2. Hi Virginia. It's all ok. beautiful your IF!!

  3. oh my are you EVER this proverb! how wonderful for you! :))

  4. your art is so cute and lively!
    I did proverb too. so glad you found time for art amongst your full life.


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