Saturday, September 4, 2010

opening of ETA 8 @ Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth,NH

Just returned from a wonderful evening in Portsmouth where I attended the awesome opening of Nahcotta Gallery's ETA 8. I was so glad I could go and Hurricane Earl didn't dampen the evening at all. The town was bustling and Nahcotta was too!! Here are some photos I took - the place looked great - with all these little treasures adorning the walls. I met one of the artist, Terry McCue who does these beautiful pastels and was exhibiting some lovely acrylics for the show (sadly I didn't get a picture of her work -but check out her website). Here is a picture of my girls in all their glory ~ and there is a red dot there as well :) ~ hopefully more to come!!!

This picture is of the gallery's window which I LOVE ~ especially with the night sky behind it!!! the window was created by Jennifer Judd-Mcgee and Julia Rothmans for their show at Nahcotta called flora and fauna, last October.

It was a fun evening and I love Portsmouth!! The show runs until September 27th so if you are in the neighborhood you should stop by. And if you are not in the neighborhood ~ you should go... New Hampshire is glorious with the Fall foliage!!! :)
Peace & happy Labor Day!!!

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  1. Such a wonderful show, I would have loved seeing it! Yea, the hurricane stayed away. Your dresses are awesome, congrats on the sale... wishing you many more!


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