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dose of talent: The Drawing Lab by Deborah Putnoi

At the beginning of this year I began a 'feature' on my Facebook Artist page that I call, "dose of talent'.  I realized that I know so many talented people; visual artists, writers, musicians, and I wanted more people to know about them!!  Also it is much easier to write and promote friends than oneself, so I posted a short write-up and an image or two from these talented folks' work, along with many links.

My first post was called "daily dose of talent" but i quickly dropped the daily.  I had found myself wanting to write more about each artist and that was not going to happen every day.  So now I do a 'dose of talent' when I can. I usually time them with an opening or a workshop, to help my friends promote these events.   And I am happy to say that people have told me that they enjoyed these little blurbs. However I realized that only people on FB could read the posts. Since I have this love/hate relationship with FB, I wanted to make sure that you didn't need to be on FB to learn about these talented souls, I wanted them on another venue, where you didn't have to belong.  I thought about having an exclusive 'dose of talent' blog but I am going to test it first on this blog, and se how it goes.

Even though these posts do take time to write (as I am not a speedy writer and need to proof read A LOT) I have really enjoyed looking at the different artist's websites and learning more about their work.  Even with artists that I know well I always seem to  learn an new aspect about their work. I hope you enjoy these glimpses of the works of my wonderful and talent colleagues and friends.

So for today, presenting dose of talent:
The Drawing Lab by Deborah Putnoi

For today’s dose of talent I am focusing on one part ofDeborah Putnoi Art's extraordinary body of work. There are many aspects of Putnoi’s work to celebrate but one aspect is her role as emissary of creativity. 

She encourages all to do art. She created a school in her studios, Artheads Studio, as well as written books about silencing your inner critic and releasing your creative spirit. She has also created a space in which people can practice what Putnoi preaches, The Drawing Lab.

I was introduced to Deb Putnoi and her Drawing Lab at the New Art Center in the spring of 2008, at the exhibit, On Drawing, which showcased different artists’ interpretations of drawing.

It was a beautiful show, and to enhance the magic of this already enchanting chapel-turned-gallery, Putnoi and fellow curator, Jessica Burko, added a soundtrack. As you walked through the show you were accompanied by the sounds of ‘drawing’ – the scratching of pencil, the scuffing of charcoal and more. It was bewitching; yet, there was another element of this exhibit that fascinated me even more, and got me to return with friends and my girls ~ Putnoi’s Drawing Lab!!

In the middle of the gallery, Putnoi had created this amazing and encouraging environment which encouraged all to explore drawing. The inviting space was supplied with a myriad of drawing materials, different papers, drawing prompts, inspirations and so much more.

I, myself, was in heaven, and those I brought, who weren’t as comfortable with drawing, also enjoyed themselves. I remember it was hard to get my girls and their friends to leave!!

Putnoi ‘s Drawing Lab was thoroughly satisfying and illuminating experience then and one that Deb has brought to many communities and venues since I first experience it in 2008.

Now, in 2013, Putnoi’s Drawing Lab is at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, in Lincoln, MA. The lab will be there from March 30 – May 19, 2013, however this coming Saturday, April 6 from 3-5, is opening reception and Deb will be there drawing and signing copies of her book, The Drawing Mind & Deborah Putnoi. The Drawing Mind. I highly recommend experiencing this interactive installation.

link to drawing Lab:
 link to ArtHeads:
Deb's website:

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