Friday, April 12, 2013

my pencil mug preoccupation, the beginning . . .

With the Fountain Street Fine Art 8x8 show officially opening this weekend, and since my contribution to the show was a painting of my pencil mug, I felt that this may be a good time to share the other pieces that this mug has inspired ~
pencil mug#9 - mixed media on transfer on paper.
Not sure if this version is done, I had further plans but I like the rawness of this state?!?!?
pencil mug #1 ~ phototransfer

I was writing an essay on the work of Jennifer Bartlett at the same time as I was tackling my panel.  I am intrigued by how Bartlett works and reworks a certain theme or image; using different mediums, on different surfaces and in different scales. Once I settled on painting my pencil mug onto my panel, my brain explored with the desire to explore the mug in a myriad of mediums and styles.  

pencil mug #2 ~ painting on transfer
For now I have mostly worked with a transfer of the mug, experimenting with different surfaces and with different techniques. The idea of a series liberated me as it removes a perception of 'preciousness' that can infiltrate my mind and paralyze my work.  And since last weekend I am chomping at the bit to work with this image.
pencil mug #3~ painting on transfer on panel

If time, interest and finances allow, I hope that I will produce many versions of this mug. Right now I have 9, all starting with a transfer one photo of the mug.  However I envision working directly from the mug itself, drawing and painting it, different scales - a large canvas?!?! 

pencil mug #4 ~ painting on transfer
So here are my variations on the theme ~ some finished, some, I'm not sure about, some more successful than others and not all good, but I have a definite feeling that this is all working toward something else, a means to an end ?!? or at least that is how I explain my manic passion to do this, the desire to work until 2AM in the morning?!? Thank goodness for coffee!!! 

pencil mug#5 ~ collage on transfer

pencil mug#6 ~ pencil on transfer

pencil mug #8 ~ transfer on corrugated
card board
I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions, a certain treatment or technique in which to depict this mug. 

pencil mug #8 ~ mixed media in a grid

information about:
8x8 All - Members’ Group Show
April 11 - May 19
Each piece is 8" x 8" in size and $150 in price
Closing Reception May 19, 3-5pm 
75 pieces by 38 artists. One size, One price ($150) 
The show runs through 5/19, but hurry down, some are already SOLD!
and here is the link to the earlier post about the 8x8 panel and it also has the story behind this mug :)

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