Monday, April 8, 2013

progression of a panel ~ a visual journey

'pencil mug 3' painting and collage of cradled 8x8 panel

It is that time of year again - time for the Fountain Street Fine Art's Members’ Group Show.  Each year the gallery gives its members a uniform sizes cradled panel on which to do whatever they want. The gallery then exhibits the panels and offers them at one set price.  This year the panels are 8x8 in size and $150. in price. See below for all details.

The panels were due this weekend and I am happy to say that mine is done and delivered!! However not before a few late nights and many different 'stages' ~ which I thought I'd share here ~

First, I experimented with my recent obsessive drawing, directly on the wood, adding the dress image,
 but I wasn't happy. 
pen on panel
obsessive drawing beats dress
pen on panel
dress image reemerges 
pen and collage on panel
still not happy so I 'play' with the collage; I sanded the piece
pen and collage on panel, sanded
 collage trumps drawing and dress
mixed media on panel
gesso over collage on panel
in comes the photo transfer
photograph of pencil mug
Story of the beloved pencil mug:

 This mug was given to me about 30 years ago by my college roommate.  During one of the breaks she had seen it in a dollar store and thought that I would love it - which I did and do! It survived spending the next 3 years dangling from my backpack as I crisscrossed the Kenyon campus and trudging along middle path to my studio.  It has also survived my nomadic existence.  Being one of my favorite possessions it has moved from Ohio, to Los Angeles, to Iowa, Chicago, New York, finally settling safely in Natick.  And once again it is out and about in the world, as I for some reason, don't like drinking from plastic travel mugs?!?! However this time it isn't hanging from a strap on my bag, it travels safely in a cup holder in my car, as I taxi carpools to school and head to work. 

photo being transferred with matte medium to panel
painting and collage on transfer on panel 
painting on panel (out of focus as it is most likely 2am)
As usual, it was very hard for me to stop, but I finally put the brush down and called this painting, done!! 
However it has inspired a series - but that is for another post  :)

instagram photo of panel
Hope you enjoyed this visual journey of my 8x8 panel.  If you can, make sure you go see the show. I have always been delighted to see how each artist has 'dealt' with their panel, and there are good deals to be had as well. ;)
~ peace.

8x8 All - Members’ Group Show
@ Fountain Street Fine Art
April 11 - May 19 
Each piece is 8" x 8" in size and $150 in price
Closing Reception May 19, 3-5pm


  1. enjoyed the journey! Thanks, Virginia!

  2. Ruth - thank you for taking the journey!!! xxx


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