Friday, April 26, 2013

getting out there!!

spirit tree - mixed media on photo transfer with sewing (8x10)
spirit tree detail

without a doubt, I fit the definition of a struggling artist, scrambling to find the way 
to support me and my girls with my art/ my passion!!! 
garden party dress - mixed media on transfer (5x7)
this desire regularly brings me to a state of frenzy  ~ I work on one project, but then move to another project that may be more profitable and then abandon everything to explore a new inspiration!? or maybe my time is better spent making dresscards?!??! did someone mention ADHD??? 
(oh & did i mention groceries, girl taxi service, bills, paycheck jobs...)
green dress - mixed media on transfer (5x7)
Now I am not unique, many know this story, but as I was beginning to sink into hopelessness, I realized that I need to get my art out there before I jump ship.  I have many, MANY unfinished projects, and not a lot out in the world ~ but that changes NOW!

look to the sky - painting on transfer (8x10). part of a series of sky and bits of architecture
I am happy to announce that some of my most recent works are NOW on exhibit at 
And there is A LOT going on at FSFA ~ tonight is the opening of 'materialize', Lisa Barthelson and Denise Driscoll, as well as the Fountain Street Studios' open studios, not to mention FSFA's 8x8 member exhibit ~ so much art in one spot, and now some of my work has joined the fray!!!

mixed media and sewing on subscription cards
detail of loose threads
These pieces represent the many different 'interests' that i have been obsessed with these past months - subscription cards, transfers, photographs,  . . .  as I matted these works I realize that each of them speaks to me.  This is confusing as well as significant, as I have a show at Fountain Street Fine Art this October, and I am wondering/thinking/curious about what I am going to show?!?!? so we will see ~

just in time for mother's day!!!
I am also delighted to say I finally finished more dresscards ( for some reason this was a daunting task) but I now have a good supply which I am distributing to those who want them ~ 
Fountain Street Fine Art, Framingham, MA

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