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As a member of the human race and a mother, artist, nurturer, friend, I feel completely at a loss. Monday afternoon, here in Boston, humanity took another hit. Then to throw salt in the wound, our elected representatives stood on the side of politics over compassion, responsibility and change.

On Tuesday, though I didn't want to fall into the black hole of sensationalize media coverage, I found myself drawn to my computer seeking  . . . solace??, answers??.  And what I found were the thoughts and prayers of my peers.  These people are the ones standing on the side of light, hope, love, compassion.  They shared articles and quotes that comforted me and gave my aimlessly and crazed emotions some direction.  I read spiritual quotes, poignant articles and heroic accounts; some which I wish to share here.

The best way to respond to a tragedy is to pray and to take every opportunity to serve people. Offer your services any way you can. I have been asked if there are some special prayers to use during times like this. I would say to use any prayer that comes from your heart—that is what is most important. Use your own words to pray for peace for everybody. Om Shanthi.

However  I also realize that I need to add my voice to the discussion, to the debate.  I have so much to say ~

I am on the side of peace, of compassion, of 'love thy' sister and brother, unconditionally (regardless of color, gender, choice of partner, religious beliefs and/or even political options).

One quote that i carry in my heart is:
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” Plato.

Now I am not sure about the 'harder' part but I appreciate that we are have our demons, battles, hurts and sorrows.  The idea, that you have no idea of another's life until you walk in their shoes, and I sometimes even wonder if you can truly know.  I am a believer in compassion and kindness; to others but just as importantly to yourself.  It might sound simplistic but to me it rings true, and the power of self hatred is mighty.

In our society we are bombarded with sensationalized media, inundated with  ludicrous body images, presented with  absurd 'role models' from the celebrity world and berating with the ways that our authentic self are not 'right'.  To sell magazines, products, airtime there needs to be the underlining message that you need something.  Add to this shaky foundation, the insecurities of the economy, the constant bickering of our leadership, and now the uncertainty of our safety.  There needs to be a fundamental shift!!!

posted by my daughter Harriet,
 I am so proud
I am so done with this violence!!! I see our worst enemy as fear!!! Fear is ubiquitous, cloaking itself in many masks.  When my girls ask me about why there is prejudice, my answer is fear; when they ask about injustices, again I say fear. I explain that to be fearful of someone or some idea that differs from your own it is easier than learning about the idea or difference. 

One of the blessings of being a mother is being in the presence of innocence, however fleeting it is now-a-days.  A child enters this world without preconceptions about the world around them, they look at all as good. It saddens to hear my girls casually talk about the lock-down drill they had at school.  It gives me pause when I now need to be buzzed into their schools;  I want my girls safe but here is one more 'freedom' taken down by terror.

I don't have the answers, this is a work in process, but one that needs to be attended to!! 
I have shared here some of my opinions and some of the images and poetry that has given me solace.

Thank you for reading.  And as with my studio work, my goal here is not to change your mind but to make you think, to wake you up to the struggle, and to add your voice.  To close this post I turn to my minister, Nathan Detering, he has shared this meditation during these trying and violent times.  It challenges us to be 'religious witness' ~

In the midst of a world

In the midst of a world 
marked by tragedy and beauty 
there must be those 
who bear witness 
against unnecessary destruction 
and who, with faith, 
stand and lead 
in freedom, 
with grace and power.
There must be those who 
speak honestly 
and do not avoid seeing 
what must be seen 
of sorrow and outrage, 
or tenderness, 
and wonder.
There must be those whose 
grief troubles the water 
while their voices sing 
and speak 
refreshed worlds.
There must be those 
whose exuberance 
rises with lovely energy 
that articulates 
earth's joys.
There must be those who 
are restless for 
respectful and loving 
companionship among human beings, 
whose presence invites people 
to be themselves without fear.
There must be those 
who gather with the congregation 
of remembrance and compassion 
draw water from 
old wells, 
and walk the simple path 
of love for neighbor.
There must be communities of people 
who seek to do justice 
love kindness and walk humbly with God, 
who call on the strength of 
to heal, 
and bless life.
There must be 
religious witness.

link to Obama's response to senate vote:

link to Gabby Gifford's organization and the reason I contributed:

As a mother and a citizen of a global community a responsible gun solution is an extremely important issue. I want the violence in this country to stop!!! I am supporting Gabby Gifford because she is a victim of gun violence and a gun owner, so she personally understands both sides of this intensely debated issue. Also I was particularly shaken by the violent episode in Tucson that where 19 people were shot and 6 people dies, one being nine-year-old, Christina-Taylor Green. Christina was brought to Gifford's "Congress on your Corner" by a neighbor because Christina was interested in politics and the neighbor thought it would a wonderful experience to meet a congresswoman. As a parent who is constantly taking my girls to events so that they can experience life, not just view it on a screen, and one who will happily add my girls' friends to a "field trip", Christina's death shook me to the core.
We need to remove fear as a major component of our lives and of our children's lives, we need to find an answer to all this senseless and crazy violence ~

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